Monday, June 1, 2009

So Grateful For...

Since I have been feeling so grateful lately I thought I'd make my own list of gratitude to share. 
  • I am so grateful for the health of my family. I realize this tends to be at the top of most people's gratitude lists but it certainly isn't to be overlooked. Recently a close family friend has been experiencing a period of very serious health concerns and it pains me to think what she and her family must be experiencing. With her in mind, I am especially grateful for the health and happiness of my own family. 
  • The end of the quarter is finally here! As of 6 pm tomorrow, following the completion of my last final, I will be a mere 9 weeks from graduation. Woohoo! How will I be relaxing before my last quarter of school begins?
  • After finals I'll be off to New Hampshire for a week with my parents and my hairy siblings - that's a photo of my sister Edie above. I loving call my parent's adopted racing greyhounds coma therapy dogs as they make you perfectly content to sit on the couch for hours on end without moving a muscle... well maybe just your forearms for a pet every now and then.
  • Fantastic fruits and veggies are in season and so delicious. Since I have been working to incorporate as much whole produce and scrumptious raw foods into my diet as I can, it's perfect timing. Speaking of raw foods, I'm so happy to have discovered...
  • Kristen's Raw Blog. For those not familiar with the raw foods lifestyle, it's all about eating loads of uncooked, unprocessed, luscious vegan fare in the form nature intended it. Raw foods are the best way to get major nutrition into each bite and feel fantastic while doing it. Kristen's website is a great source for more info about raw foods and she herself is a tremendous example of how to thrive with a high raw lifestyle (and look fabulous!).
  • And last but not least for this list is my love affair with cycling. For a while I had gotten out of the biking thing in favor of time at the gym, but these days there's nothing that gives me a more fulfilling workout than speeding around the park on two wheels. Being out in the spring air, the whole panorama illuminated with an early evening glow, it is so enlivening. 
So what made it on to your gratitude list? Now is the perfect time to try leaving a comment to share your thoughts - just click the "comments" link that appears below this article and leave your input. 

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