Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lazy Sunday: In Flight

Today's the kind of Sunday that has me dreaming I'm jetting off to a tropical destination. For me, getting there is half the fun - and when it comes to traveling, comfort is my main priority. My ideal travel outfit has to be a long, roomy tunic layered over a pair of capri-length cotton leggings (ideal for contorting into just the right position for a lengthy flight). To make long walks between terminals and security lines a breeze, I slip-on a pair of lace-free sneakers. I also like to travel prepared with little ammenities, as skimping on even the simplist forethought can make a day of jet setting an unbearable experience.

For me, this means always bringing my own snacks (fruit's my favorite) and my trusty waterbottle which I fill up right after I make it through security. A scarf is also a great way to block out excess light if you're trying to take a midflight nap, ball up into a pillow, wrap yourself in if you get cold easily, cover a frazzled travler hair-do with, or brighten up your complexion after a day of recycled air and UV exposure. I'm also sure to carry a moisturizing lip balm with me and an individual pack of scented hand wipes - these are a wonderful way to freshen up throughout the day, and when you choose scented varieties in lavendar or vanilla they can help anxious travelers relax too!

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