Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain in Denver

Photo via Country Financial

It has been raining all day in Denver, an uncommon experience. Several inches washed the earth in the past 12 hours as though by a child, fleshy hands fumbling with an oversized garden hose, fingers slipping under the pressure of the handle, water trickling at first then pounding with the force of a gun only to diminish once more as the kickback proves too powerful for five-year-old strength.  But every effort will not change the city. Long days of sun drenched heat and blistering light are not soon forgotten; the imprint of arid months past is impenetrable.  As I walked home this evening the rain had yet to cease, only slow to a negligible pace, and yet the pavement was drying before my eyes – patches of pale, sandy sidewalk quickly conquering their damp, glossy counterparts. 

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