Saturday, June 6, 2009

Recycled Countertops

I am hanging out at my parents' house during my break from school and while I try not to watch too much TV in general, it's a lost cause here. Their couch is like a snugly venus fly trap, luring me in with it's perfectly sized corner seats then capturing me in puffy layers of cushion. Once you're in, remote control in hand, there are hundreds of channels (plus the instant gratification of On Demand) to scroll through, all on a flat, massive, HD screen. After a day of perusing the endless entertainment options I came to two conclusions. 1. No one needs that many TV channels. 2. If I had to pick only two, I'd stick with Planet Green and HGTV (Home and Garden TV). 

I love the shows on Planet Green because the whole channel is dedicated to living, building, and creating in an ecofriendly way. The channel is also owned by the Discovery Network which puts out some of my other favorite channels and shows (Whale Wars, anyone?).

I have also been pleasantly surprised by HGTV's programming lately, which has really "greened up". I was watching Color Splash with David Bromstad yesterday and was excited to see him do an Asian inspired (and earth friendly) kitchen. One of the elements of the kitchen was a recycled glass countertop (made with 80% recycled materials) and I remembered how much I love this look. It's a great way to add brightness or a shimmery effect to any kitchen or bathroom, and the options for color combinations are limitless. Check out these gorgeous options. I am especially fond of the last photo - it looks like smashed up hard candy! I'm always in favor of using candy as design inspiration.

Photo by Rob Brodman via Sunset

Cobalt Skyy from Vetrazzo

This cobalt blue look is made of recycled Skyy Vodka bottles.

Floating Blue from Vetrazzo

Great kitchen example via Apartment Therapy

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