Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Aimless Stroll

Today was truly a lazy Sunday for me. I drifted slowly from one task to the next this morning and took the whole afternoon off from anything that even remotely resembled a to-do. Instead, I took a nap, rode my bike, met a friend for sorbet, and laced up my sneakers for several aimless strolls in the late-day sun.

Taking a long walk is one of my favorite stress relieving, muscle toning activities. It is especially relaxing when you are in no rush and have the opportunity to notice things happening around you and clear your mind. If extensive time alone with your thoughts seems anything but relaxing, I recommend bringing along an mp3 player. Instead of listening to the same music you know by heart on repeat, download a free podcast or audio book and learn something new. NPR's Fresh Air and On Science podcasts are my favorites, and I find that listening to talk, versus a banging bass beat, sets the perfect tone for a long, ponderous walk. 

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