Saturday, June 27, 2009

The First Boxes

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I had the best intentions of getting homework done today. I made a list, I organized the list, I itemized the list, I even went so far as to number the list - but as for the execution of the list... no dice. I blame my own lack of follow through on the fact that it is a Saturday in June.

So instead, I spent the afternoon cleaning. I like to think of cleaning as more than a routine chore, and more like therapy. After all, you are forced to see your current situation as it truly is, deal with the realities and consequences of the situation as such, and when the time comes - move on. For me, cleaning today was not merely about sweeping the crumbs of snacks past off the kitchen floor or wiping down the neglected bathroom sink - it was about taking stock of my earthly possessions in terms of U-Haul square footage and likelihood of repeat use. 

In seven weeks I will be on the road, relocating from Denver back to the East Coast to begin life after school. I am so excited to make the move, and especially for the opportunity to go through my many "things" and discover what is working for me and what is not. My growing library of books? Heavy and voluminous, but definitely working. My collection of old sweat clothes for "wearing around the house"? That's a resolute "not working" (and who am I kidding about not wearing them in public). 

It's possible I am just caught up in spring cleaning fever again, but I think every transitional experience is enhanced by a little bit of change. For example, a few simple wardrobe alterations can give you the extra boost of confidence you need when taking on new responsibilities at work. A quick rearrangement of your bedroom in accordance with Feng Shui practices may help balance your energies and yield a refreshed view the next time you need a pick-me-up. Donating a no-good ex's leftover jacket, CD's, and other unwelcome reminders to the Goodwill are a great way to speed up the rebound process too. If you're in a process of transition - or if you want to be - what small change can you make today to enhance your experience? 

As for me, I sought to mentally prepare for the physical and emotional changes ahead and initiated that process by packing my first few moving boxes. And as for my homework, well that's what Sundays in June are for anyways. 

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