Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dumpster Chic

I admit, I am not above hand-me-downs, seconds, freebies, coupons, or the occasional dumpster dive. The end of the school year marks the height of dumpster diving season on any college campus - and if you are in the market for a curiously stained futon, makeshift beerpong table, or a variety of soggy bed pillows then now is the time to strike! But do not worry; for those of us with slightly more discriminating tastes, there is hope. Yesterday I proudly carried a perfectly squat little cube table up to my apartment that had been left by the dumpster, destined to pack a landfill (while its ex-owner, no doubt, went off to buy a newer version of the same product to serve the very same purpose). 

Well ex-owner's trash has become my treasure and the little table is now a perfect nightstand for my bed-less mattress. With finals complete and my trip to the East Coast on tap for tomorrow, today will be filled with cleaning, errands, and planning... and maybe a leisurely stroll or two around the local garbage bins ;) 


  1. recycling!!! that's its meaning!!! I dont get why to throw it's perfect and comfy!!!

  2. Great find! I love used stuff. It's double the satisfaction - cool new treasure, great savings!

  3. K@terina - I agree. People drive me crazy with wastefullness!

    Plush Palate - You're right about that! Saving money and improving your digs, what more could you ask for?