Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bamboo Bicycles

Bamboo Bike via Calfee Design

According to the website, "This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for everyday use and for racing. The vibration damping is a performance advantage on longer rides."

Wondering what's so special about this road bike? Take a close look and you will see that this bike's entire frame is made from bamboo. Yup, you heard right, bamboo. The company that makes these wooden rides, Calfee Design, claims that bamboo bikes dampen vibrations like none other, are tough enough to take a major beating, and are lightweight to boot. I cannot comment on how these bikes ride as I have never had the pleasure, but if anyone has and would like to share their experience in the comments section I would love to hear about it. Calfee Designs also makes bamboo mountain bikes and a number of other lust-worthy cycles, check them out here

Another benefit of buying bamboo when it comes to your next two wheeler is that the carbon footprint is way lower than any other bicycle on the market. In addition to using smoked and heat-treated bamboo, the Calfee Design bike boasts hemp-fiber lugs (for those not into bicycles, lugs are basically connector bits that hold your bicycle frame together). Bamboo and hemp together?! That's two of the world's most sustainable, useful, and durable resources in one product! In case you didn't know, bamboo is the fastest growing wooded plant on the earth, growing up to 24 inches a day. Plus, utilizing bamboo in this form (meaning in the same whole structure it comes in naturally) requires way less processing than, say, making bamboo cloth fiber. 

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