Monday, May 11, 2009


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Change is about, but it’s not in the air. Okay, it may well be in the air too; but lately I have been too consumed with what is brewing inside me to notice any external shifts. From sudden clarifying thoughts to moments of renewed understanding, I have begun learning things about myself at a rapid rate and recognizing themes that have remained hidden until now. Can I be more specific? That I don’t know.

At moments it feels like waves of enlightenment, sometimes clearly connected to a discovery or an event while at other times the catalyst is completely unknown. I have found myself making decisions with more confidence and internalizing new possibilities with enthusiasm. Perhaps this inner metamorphosis is the result of my changing perspective on the future and acceptance of the uncertainty so prevalent in my life right now.

Whatever the cause, transformation is under way. It is both exciting and confusing. I feel more open to change than ever and ready to embrace the person I discover along the way. Regardless of the specifics, I am certain that good things are on the way - and I look forward to sharing them with you as they become more clear. 

Have you gone through a period of profound renewal before? How did it influence your path in life? Your relationships? Your sense of self? 

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