Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Signature Style

Do you have a personal style so defined and consistent that it has become a signature style? My personal style has varied so much I have never settled on one look long enough to develop it into a signature style. However, after continually trying different pieces, fashions and color schemes there is one thing I have decided: whatever your signature style, the best styles are ready for anything. What I mean is that when your clothing and accessories enable you to act on a whim and take part in the world around us fully you will look and feel most terrific! 

There are too many times I have slipped on a cute pair of heels in the morning or an overly-tailored dress that look great in the mirror only to feel pained and inhibited by noon. Passing up the walk to grab lunch because my toes are blistering and itching to get out of a meeting because a waist dart is sitting just a bit too close on my hips suddenly doesn't seem worth it. So as much as I've cherished my 4 inch wedges, it is time for me to let go - while it they may be practical for some they no longer prepare me for what I like to do most (impulse strolls to the park for one). 

Is your style - signature or otherwise - preparing you for what you hope to do today? Do you feel empowered and ready for anything as you walk out the door? If your goal is to score a promotion at work or look stunning at a (seated) dinner party, then a dark tailored suit or mega heels may be the right choice for you. For the rest of us, think carefully before making style decisions solely on what you see on TV on in the latest Lucky magazine. Opt for flattering and practical pieces that can take you from early am to late evening in confidence and comfort and you are sure to look your best.

Tune in tomorrow for some more ideas about signature accessories that are ready for anything.

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