Friday, May 1, 2009

Lunch at Adams Mountain Cafe

I'm lucky enough to have my mom visiting this weekend and we just returned from an exciting day of sightseeing and traveling about. One of our highlights of the day was a wonderful lunch in Manitou Springs at the Adams Mountain Cafe.  I had the Senegalese Vegetables atop udon noodles smothered in a flavorful peanut ginger sauce, sprinkled with currants, toasted almonds, and scallions. Mom went for the Peak Sandwich, an open face turkey sandwich on sunflower seed bread, topped with sherry creme sauce, spinach and tomato, and white cheddar cheese.  

The Senegalese veggies were perfect, the snow peas and celery still crisp.

A note on our table, we loved the message.

The towering sandwich.

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