Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiration in Gold

I wound up at the gym during rush hour today; not a treadmill or elliptical machine without a sweaty operator in sight. Yet somehow I scored a major find at the magazine rack - an April issue of Martha Stewart Living! Okay, I may not be a huge Martha fan - her style tends to be a little too Stepford Wife for me - but when the alternatives are a December issue of Star or a copy of Science Times that's missing 13 pages out of the middle... well you'd pick Martha too.

My favorite piece in the magazine was a profile of Susan Lyne's Manhattan apartment. The golden tones are so warm and inviting and set the stage for an updated take on the antique furniture Lyne's inherited. I also love the look of  the monotone artwork in mismatched frames, it gives the whole theme a less stuffy feel. 


  1. great apartment an also great picture. thanks for share. I'll wait you on my blog.thanks

  2. Thanks easytravel! I look forward to checking out your blog.