Thursday, May 14, 2009

Signature Accessories

To continue with yesterday’s theme of signature style, today I’m tackling signature accessories. I have talked about the importance of embracing a signature style that enables you to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way, and this concept applies to our accessories as well. I’m not just talking about shoes and hair clips though – accessories also include the tools that make every day easier and help you complete even the most mundane tasks with a flourish.

Purse by Dooney and Burke

Bag: Your handbag, backpack, messenger bag or tote is the mother of all signature accessories, and a quality carryall is essential to holding the rest of your everyday tools. I prefer a bag with many pouches to keep all of my goodies organized and it has to be comfortable to carry – self-inflicted scoliosis or a sore neck are never a style statement. 

Cross ATX Pen info here

Pen: Never be without a pen in hand when it’s time to mark down an important phone number or address again. Whether you prefer an understated basic Bic or a full on Cross fountain - all that matters is it won’t let you down when you need to scrawl out a last minute meeting reminder.

 Waterbottle by Sigg

Water Bottle: Not only is it the greenest way to quench your thirst, carrying a bottle of water is a simple step to ensure you stay hydrated and fresh throughout the day. Plus, you’ll never have to pay $3 for a spur-of-the-moment (think choking on a wayward bit of lunch or sudden lightheadedness) plastic bottle of H2O again!

Camera by Sony

Camera: How often have you seen a sight too funny/crazy/bizarre/stunning for words but had no way to capture the visual to share with someone else? I experienced this just yesterday when I caught a baby fox sitting on the stairs of the international studies building looking so precarious. If only I’d had my camera!

Trail Mix via eHow

A Snack: It’s hard (if not nearly impossible) to be open to opportunities and adventures when your stomachs growling, your head’s aching, and your growing more agitated by the second. Keeping a snack or two on hand is the perfect way to stay energized and up for anything. Of course, a Twix bar will not suffice. Go for something with a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates while keeping it as unprocessed as possible. 

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