Monday, May 18, 2009

Evening Stroll

I walked slowly home from the gym tonight, smiling for no particular reason. Maybe it was just post-run endorphins overriding any logical thought, or the gradually growing light at the end of the tunnel (only two more weeks of classes!) but whatever the catalyst I began to relax in a way I haven’t achieved in some time. My feet touched lightly upon the pavement despite my lead-dense backpack, swift and calculated but in no hurry.  The essence of blossoming lilac bushes sailed along the dark night breeze, filling my nose with delight and my lungs with sweet refreshment. Despite the sun’s long absence from the sky, the temperature stayed warm; instead of chilling the sweat on my neck, each lapping wave of wind gently cooled my skin and caressed my worry. 

Back in my apartment I’ve changed and showered, but the sense of wellbeing and pure content has not been stripped away with my soggy T-shirt or washed down the drain either. As my eyes grow heavy at the thought of this long day and those to come I’m overwhelmed with an unlikely emotion; gratitude. For once I can honestly say I am not annoyed or even angry at the thought of the work to be done or the meetings to attend. Instead, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to worry about my schoolwork and my intern projects at all. While I’m quite certain this feeling will pass at promptly 8:30 am tomorrow - just in time to finish my latest international economics homework assignment - I'm going to enjoy these last moments of unbridled calm while I still can.

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