Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Marc Johns

"The Mustaches Chased Him Zealously" 

For his sleek, understated drawings, clever concepts, and generally melancholy oddness, Marc Johns is absolutely my favorite illustrator. I'm a proud owner of this "Beard Bird" print (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend), and I hope to have at least a few more to keep him company in my next apartment. For now, here's a smattering of my favorite of Johns's drawings. Like what you see? You're in luck! A book of Marc's work, titled Serious Drawings, will be available starting May 15. Find more information on Amazon.com

All of the photos found here come from the Marc Johns website where you can check out all of his work (including post it note art), purchase your own print, or learn more about the man himself.
 "You Stole My Thunder But I Stole Your Lightning"

"This is a Reusable Cloth Bag"

"The Hovering Gentlemen's Club"

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