Saturday, April 18, 2009

True Value

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It seems since we’ve entered the recession everyone and their mother is sharing new tricks for saving a quarter here and a dime there.  “I take the toiletries offered at hotels”, boasts one commercial.  “I save on tea by using each bag twice”, claims my friend.  I would not be surprised if someone is advocating turning your dried sweat into table salt. Times are tough for everyone right now, but that does not mean we should suddenly demote ourselves to using low quality goods (or eating our own by-products). Rather, economic downturns can be a great time to reassess what true value is... and I'm not talking about True Value hardware store here. To me, value is not just getting more items for your dollar, despite what the Wal-Mart commercials may lead you to believe. True value is investing in goods or services that yield long-term increases to your quality of your life.

This belief is why I choose organic and natural foods for my kitchen, a high quality day planner with all of the features I need, and a properly fitted and well-padded Swiss backpack. Each time I eat a healthful homemade meal I know I am setting my body up for a long and active life. Everyday when I consult my planner and can quickly locate my to-do list, my monthly calendar, and the business card I need, I have the confidence to tackle everything I want to accomplish in the short 24 hours I’m given. And as I pack my bag to the brim with ten pound text books I sigh with relief, knowing that I invested in a back-pack that will not dig into my shoulders or misalign my spine.  Notice how each investment is not only providing me with quality service now, but it is ensuring that my quality of life continues to improve. After all, that’s what an investment is, right?

This week I will be blogging about some of my most recommended, high value investments.  Some are more expensive, and some won’t cost you a penny.  Some are goods or services, and others are personal commitments.  All of them are great examples of true value.  I also hope that if you have not left a comment on my blog before you give it a try! I would love to hear your feedback and I hope you will share some of your own everyday investment ideas.

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  1. Hey, Paige,
    It's nice to see you in the blogosphere! Your writing is great - thanks for letting me know you're out there.