Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oatmeal Kind of Day

For the past couple weeks my meals have consisted largely of convenience store protein bars and suspiciously bright and shiny vending machine selections (I think I started to believe Twizzlers should count as a fruit).  So despite my exhaustion yesterday I couldn't stand to open an empty fridge any longer and I headed to the Natural Grocers for some inspiration.  Some people might go to the bar to de-stress or find renewed energy in cultivating a green thumb or a cozy finger (for those who enjoy knitting...okay I just made that phrase up but I think it has potential), but for me there is nothing like the welcoming automatic doors of the closest organic food mart.  

I could, and frequently do, spend hours wandering the aisles - often making several trips down the same strip of shelf space to be sure I picked just the right flavor, the best brand, or to skim the nutrition labels one last time. After a while, I have forgotten what I was upset about to begin with and my head is too full of recipe ideas and excitement over the sale on strawberries that there's no room for stress.

So this morning I was still buzzing over my purchases as I had the first real breakfast in days. Organic oatmeal with hemp seeds topped with raspberries and cinnamon, side of sliced orange, washed down with sparkling grapefruit juice (2 parts grapefruit juice, 1 part seltzer water). It was just the sustenance I needed for the cold, misty weather we are having in Denver today. 

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