Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Garden Hopping

No lazy Sunday for this blogger.  After a wonderful weekend visiting family in North Carolina (trip highlights include ample Wii-ing, an introduction to the strangely fantastic world of letterboxing, and the best taco bar this side of delicious), I spent my Sunday at the airport.  For most people the act of traveling elicits stress and anxiety, but for me the experience is purely enjoyable.  I relish the chance to read an entire book in one go while being surrounded by flocks of bustling people with such diverse pasts and reasons for traveling.  However, if I were to have a Lazy Sunday this week, I think some international garden hopping would be in order. 

France: Monet's Gardens at Giverny

Photo by Ted Drake via

Photo via

England: Garden at Sissinghurst Castle

Photo by McCurdy & Co. via Brits at Their Best

Photo by Zie via Garden Hopping

The Netherlands: Keukenhof Gardens

Photo by Linda Garrison via

Photo found at

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