Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spider Mites!

Spruce Spider Mites via Pennsylvania Christmas Trees

I am afraid that Bonsai Bob, my beloved Juniper Bonsai, is in need of some serious emergency care. The poor little guy is completely under spider mite attack and the blasted little creatures are having quite the all you can eat buffet. First thing tomorrow I am going to pick up some insecticide spray in hopes of saving his delicate branches from any further harm.  My attempts at regular spray baths and air circulation at night have not been enough to keep the chlorophyll suckers at bay. The literature I have read cites spider mites as a common pest problem among the Juniper variety, particularly in the dry winter months. Common problem or not, Bob is not just any Bonsai; and while he is not Christian I am hoping that Easter will be a symbolic resurrection for my little fellow too.  

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