Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Discussion of Sustainable Viability

eo wilson quote

We had a two-hour long discussion in my Creating Sustainable Enterprise class today about whether or not sustainability is good for business.  As our professor facilitated the exchange of endless information regarding how a company's bottom line is affected by the nebulous buzzword that is "sustainability", my mood quickly deflated from excitement to something resembling hopelessness.  

We have had this same discussion for the past three quarters.  At one point I was confident that I would eventually learn how businesses create sustainable models, but I am losing faith that the discussion will ever reach that point.  

The issue of sustainability is one I find incredibly interesting and challenging.  It is a topic I look forward to writing about more in the near future. For now, however, the words of E. O. Wilson, one of my favorite authors and theorists, will have to do.  After four years of drowning in business information, statistics, and industry reviews, I could really use some good old fashioned wisdom.


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