Thursday, July 9, 2009

So Grateful For

Since it's Thursday (the day Gala over at iCiNG posts Things I Love Thursday) and I'm bursting with good vibes it seems only appropriate to share a few things I'm so grateful for. And when I say bursting, I mean the kind of gratitude that you feel pounding in your chest that makes you want to hug people you'd typically rather slap and jump into a lake to feel completely enveloped by the world. At one point today, without any intention of doing so, I heard a song on Pandora that caused a major dance session in my apartment; air guitar was involved and I will not apologize to any bystanders who may have caught sight of this horribly embarrassing scene through my open windows. 
  • Surprise Mail - Nothing beats finding real mail hiding beneath a pile of grocery store fliers and Comcast ads. I think I smiled for an hour straight after reading my surprise delivery.  Thank you, Gram :)
  • Random Coffee Dates - I met with a prospective student IMBA program this week and had no expectations, but it turned out we had a ton in common. I love meeting people who totally amaze you and remind you who you are. Seeing pieces of yourself in someone else is such a little lightening bolt of enlightenment. 
  • Midterms - Grateful for the tests themselves? Hardly. Grateful that they signify a mere 5 weeks of classes to go? That I am. 
  • Acceptance - Even when they don't last, moments of acceptance - of everything that isn't just right or the way I thought - are so liberating. I know things are going to be just the way they need to be when they need to be.
  • Weekend Adventures - I am so ready for a good dose of unfamiliar territory and a few uninterrupted hours of airplane introspection, and both will be involved when I head out of town tomorrow. I am so grateful for my boyfriend. He's perfect. Photos and more to come!
Was that an especially heavy list? I am in a major period of transition right now - forget a new chapter, I'm ready to start a whole new book. It's bringing on some definite highs and lows, and lots of anticipation. What are you grateful for today? What's making you burst with bravado and has you air guitaring on the floor? 

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