Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Carbon Leaf

I saw Carbon Leaf perform at Red Rocks last night before Film on the Rocks started (we saw The Princess Bride - so fun) and was really impressed by their live set. Carbon Leaf is a Virginia band that combines a little bit of celtic country bluegrass with a folksy old rock sound. Yes, I realize that sounds like a very eclectic (okay, weird) mishmash of music styles, but the 5-man group pulls it off. The result? Many a catchy melody that will have you rocking in your seat and ready for a beer. 

The song "Life Less Ordinary" is likely the band's most well-known hit which frequented the radio waves in early 2005. I never cared much for the single so I didn't search for more of their work, but last night was a pleasant surprise. You can learn more about the band on their website here and if you like what you discover I'd definitely look into seeing them live. Last night's performance was an opening act for an outdoor movie - the crowd was largely young families - but the band still put on a great performance and had plenty of people dancing on their feet. 

I was hoping to post videos of my favorite songs from last night, but unfortunately the sound quality of the videos I found on YouTube are not up to Apartment 303 standards. So instead I've posted two songs below to whet your appetite (just click once on the large round play button to hear the songs without getting linked to another page) though I highly recommend going to the Carbon Leaf Community Page where you can listen to 10 different songs. My favorites are One Prairie Outpost, Lake of Silver Belles, and Another Man's Woman. 

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