Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Simple Relaxation

Photo via Random Wisdom

As I type I’m flying somewhere over the Mid-West, on my way back to Denver after a great weekend in Pittsburgh. Yesterday we went to The Warhol Museum and I was really excited to see some of my favorite Warhol prints and drawings alongside cases of Andy’s personal effects – including his gray and black wig! Ok, sort of weird for me to be so excited about a dead guy’s old fake hair, but I was. They even had original sketches of the elaborate shows he produced for the Velvet Underground and original costume drawings from his many movies and theater productions. If you’re ever in PA and share a love of things Warhol I would definitely go. If you don’t care for pop art or know about The Factory, it probably isn’t worth the $15 adult admission price ($8 for students). 

Andy Warhol at The Factory via Magnifique

With midterm exams tomorrow, I am quite ready for this plane to land so I can get back to studying – unfortunately the tiny tray table makes my normally petite laptop seem massive and especially clumsy to maneuver, so breaking out my 10 pound accounting book is a definite no-go.


Were I not on a plane for the next few hours, I think this Lazy Sunday would best be spent doing some yoga, creating a highly nutritious and simple meal, and enjoying some meditation. I’m craving simplicity and clarity lately, and these activities seem the perfect way to start. Yoga is a great way to center your mind and body, build strength, and release tension and toxins from your muscles. Simple, fresh, plant-based meals are very easy for your body to digest and feed your cells with tons of nutrients and anti-oxidants to reverse the damage that stress and external contaminants (think air pollution, too much sun, chemical absorption) can cause. Finally, meditation helps slow our breathing and heart rate, decreases stress levels, and helps us to relax in order to attain deep, restorative levels of sleep. Never tried meditation before? Don’t fret; there are endless ways to get started. In fact, stay tuned, because today kicks off a whole week of simplicity-inspired blogging! First on deck? Meditation techniques for the meditative newbie. See you then!


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