Friday, July 17, 2009

Simple Aesthetics

Photo via Stock Vault

I enjoyed my all-time favorite simple pleasure today - a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice; or as I like to call it, liquid sunshine. All it took was 2 organic valencia oranges and a little elbow grease. There's no pasteurized juice out there that can even compete on taste (or nutrition), so I've stopped buying bottled juices all together (apple cider is a definite exception, however). 

What simple moments of joy did you experience this week? In such a chaotic world, it's good to step back and recognize that sometimes the simplest of things can bring us incredible happiness.  If you still need some inspiration, here are some simple aesthetics to get your simplicity juices flowing.

Photo via Holobara

Photo via Library News

Photo via Photomural

Photo via Simple+Pretty

Simple Chic

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