Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Reading Up

It's another Sunday night of homework, laundry, and putting away groceries for me, but if I were to have a lazy Sunday this week it would look something like this. It must be the recent holiday that has me yearning to learn more about the issues we're facing domestically and educate myself about the current affairs and cultures of others residing on this fine planet of ours. Of course, educating oneself is best done from a stylish chair in a contemporarily well-lit room while donning a pair of old-school specs. Sipping a cocktail may dim your wits, so I'd opt for some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice to keep your mind, and palate, sharp. Naturally, when the time comes to join some equally enlightened companions for a deep discussion about the most fascinating tidbits you learned, you'll reach for your minimalist wooden briefcase to tote those dog-eared issues of the Economist and the New Yorker for quick reference. 

Yes, you can really buy this unique beauty of a briefcase designed by Japanese industrialist Takumi Shimamura. Check out the details at this roughly translated webpage. 

What will you educate yourself about this week? 

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