Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tea Treasures

Never one for coffee, tea is my steamy beverage of choice. My love for the stuff is no secret, and while I tend to down my daily cup (or two, or three) of the herbal variety while at work, nothing beats a leisurely cup of tea enjoyed on a slow-paced weekend morning or afternoon. Here are a few tea treasures for fellow enthusiasts.

This Tea-Boy Penguin Tea Timer is so cute, and would be the perfect gadget to keep at work or to gift an easily side-tracked tea lover with. You set the timer to indicate how long your tea needs to steep for, and the penguin's bill cleverly picks up your tea bag when your tea is ready. It even rings when the tea is ready so you don't forget about your cup before it gets too cold! The perfect solution for those of us who accidentally oversteep.

I recently discovered the yummy flavor and cost-saving benefits of loose leaf tea. For the uninitiated, loose leaf tea doesn't come in pre-measured bags but rather in one big package of full size tea leaves or herbal components (think large pieces of dried peppermint leaves and whole dried chamomile). This fine mesh tea steeping basket fits nicely in any standard size mug to make a single cup of loose leaf tea. Just scoop in a teaspoonful of loose leaf tea, pour in your hot water, remove the basket when you're done steeping, and enjoy.

Two Leaves and a Bud makes a delicious, smooth, and delicately floral jasmine petal green tea -and the loose leaf variety is the perfect way to fill your new tea basket. This green tea is steamed, rather than roasted, which yields its signature taste. The company is fair trade certified and offers an extensive line of organic products too!

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