Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Relaxing Yoga Poses: Legs Up The Wall (part 2)

I mentioned in my first post about relaxing yoga poses that there are many time-tested positions that calm both the body and mind. Legs Up The Wall is another relaxing pose that offers a gentle stretch, reduces stress, and re-ups your energy. The pose itself is as self-explanitory as it sounds - start by sitting on the floor directly next to a wall and swing your legs up so that they rest - slightly bent - against the wall as you lower your torso onto the floor. You will end up lying perpendicular to the wall as the photos show. You can place a pillow under your back or hips to make the pose more comfortable, and might experiment with moving your hips closer to the wall or further away depending on the flexibility of your legs. You might let your arms rest out to the side, palms open to the sky, or bring your arms up over your head to gain a side-body stretch.

Whatever variation of Legs Up The Wall you choose, you'll gain the benefits of this leisurely inversion, such as stretching the backs of the legs, relieving swollen or tired legs, ankles, and feet, and flooding the body with energy. For maximum impact, enjoy the posture for about 5 to 10 minutes. Close your eyes, keeping the back of your neck flat on the floor, and breathe down deeply into your belly as you feel the tension melt out your body.

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