Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday: Winter Walkabout

Winter Walkabout
It's cold, it's grey, and spring is no where in sight - but fighting cabin fever is not optional, it's a must. Download a few interesting podcasts or some new tunes and pop on some headphones, wrap up in a warm colorful coat (everyone could use a cheery sight), strap on some weather-impervious boots capable of slip-free ice trekking, cover your mitts with fingerless gloves (no need to take them off should you stop for a warming beverage along the way), and top it all off with a knitted cupcake hat (I actually have this one thanks to my fantastic boyfriend)! You my friend are ready to beat cabin fever in style. Once you're thoroughly exhausted from walking about in the brisk air, enjoy some hot chocolate and relish in your conquer of the winter chill.

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