Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Sunday: Noodle Time

Lazy Sunday: Noodle Time

I hope you had a great, long weekend, and enjoyed this lazy Sunday just a little bit more as a result. Tonight I joined a friend for dinner at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant where I had my absolute favorite meal - vermicelli noodle bowl! Warm rice noodles coupled with fresh julienne carrots and cucumber, shredded lettuce, and bean sprouts, topped with scallions, crispy tofu, and crushed peanuts. To me, the perfect combination of textures and flavors... plus it's a satisfying dish that won't leave you feeling weighed down and tired.

For many, it's back to work tomorrow morning to begin the first full week in quite a while. Getting back into the swing of things is always more challenging after the holidays, not to mention we are in the midst of the sickness season. That's why this week I will be writing about staying healthy and feeling great during the (often trying) winter months. See you there!

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