Thursday, January 7, 2010

Health Tip: Slow Down

Health tip for the day: Slow Down. That's right, slowing down may seem like a nice way to relax, but it may also be one of the best things you can do for your body and mind.

When we slow down, physically, our breath becomes slow and deep - filling our lungs more fully, bringing more oxygen to our brain and muscles. Our muscles relax and our body's positioning becomes less rigid and tense. In a very primitive way, we are telling our biological selves it is alright to be at ease. Our stress levels drop.

When we slow down, we no longer make choices hastily, or out of impulse. We weigh our options, and we are more likely to make smart, not risky, decisions.

When we slow down, we drive slower. We use less gas. Our air becomes cleaner, and the whole world can breathe (slower) easier.

When we slow down, we eat slower too. We chew more, which aids in digestion and helps us to make use of all the nutritional benefits of our food. As we give our bodies time to sense when our nutritional needs have been met, we are less likely to overeat.

When we slow down, our movements are controlled and deliberate. We do not strain our muscles, tendons, bones or otherwise. Our pace helps keep our body's natural alignment.

When we slow down, we allow our physical and mental capacities to take a break. Our bodies can begin to restore from the stresses of our day. We return to our natural rhythms, and are more in tune with our body's needs. Sleep comes easier, deeper, and longer.

When we slow down, we find the time to develop stronger relationships. We can dedicate more attention to those we are with, and we are more likely to share our authentic self with them.

When we slow down, we are given the chance to rediscover who our authentic self is. When we slow down, we give ourselves the time to live authentically too. We feel more fulfilled, and our happiness grows.

Go ahead. Slow down. It's good for your health.

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