Monday, January 11, 2010

Blogs Worth Browsing

Photo via MSNBC

Every once in a while I like to spend an hour or two scoping out new blogs to add into my usual rotation of daily reads. Here are a few I discovered this past weekend you just might want to check out yourself...

Beautiful and fun collections of themed photo inspiration. From designer do-dads to neon nail polish to swanky swizzle-sticks, Mrs. Lilien has it all... and she makes it look so good!

Perfect for: Women who'd still like to play dress up
I love Ms. Peaches and Cream
Also good for: Discovering gift ideas for your chic friends
How cool are these glasses?

Marisa decided to make it an entire year without doing any traditional clothing shopping. She's spending only $365 for 365 days and creating 365 outfits out of thrifted goodies... and they are so cute! You have to see the blog to believe it.

Perfect for: Salvation Army regulars and do-it-yourselfers
Have you ever dyed clothing?
Also good for: Anyone trying to make their mom's old clothes cool again
Perfect example

Sophie Blackall paints renditions of the missed connections section of Craigslist (where people write about brief encounters they had with strangers they'd like to meet again). I originally found out about Sophie and the blog Missed Connections on another blog I adore, Cup of Joe.

Perfect for: Believers in the interconnectedness of us all
This one's so sweet
Also good for: Anybody who needs a good laugh at life

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