Monday, August 10, 2009

The Writing's on the Door

Photo found here

Since I live in a graduate housing apartment on the DU campus, my building has a community adviser (also known as a CA; the slightly more grown up version of a dormitory RA). Since the apartment is all one-bedroom units inhabited by graduate students there is rarely, if ever, anything rowdy going on that needs dealing with. As a result, our CA's main purpose is to make different name plates (door decs in CA/RA-speak) for each resident's door each quarter.

Well this morning as I left home, turning to lock the door, something new caught my eye. There, below the hand-holding, banana-eating monkey cutouts that proudly proclaim "Paige" lives here in fading forest green magic marker, stood a freshly adhered picture of a snowy mountain peak rising atop a lush Colorado valley. My initial reaction was to go knock on "David" (or so claim's his own name plate) the CA's door and let him know that I appreciated his craftsmanship but that I indeed would be moving out on Saturday. As I began to stroll the hallway, however, I realized that the black type hovering just above the mountain's peak didn't resemble the characters of Paige Doster after all. Nope this plate was not made for me, but for "Nicole" someoneorother. There it is. The writing's on the door, and it's almost time to go.

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