Monday, August 31, 2009

Pirate Pets

Most people get pretty crazy about their pets; the baby talk, the quickly accumulating accessories, the gourmet foods, and the vet bills that rival any owner's doctor tab are just the start. But on average, greyhound owners tend to be an entirely different breed of crazy. Having two hairy step-siblings of my own (Butch and Edie) who left a life on the racetrack to become permanent fixtures on my parents' sofa, I've developed a soft-spot for the skinny creatures too. So this weekend, when I joined my parents for a Greyhound Pets of America reunion picnic, I was pretty excited to learn there were competitions the dogs could be entered in. One game in particular seemed just the outlet for my creative energy: costume contest.

You see, unlike some of the other competitions where either dog of ours might not have a shot (most expressive ears, baldest butt, and bobbing for hot dogs among them), I had an ace in the hole for the costume contest: Edie has a cast. Since the story's a bit long and it is hard to explain what happened without making the "smarter" of the two dogs seem completely stupid, suffice it to say that Edie has a broken leg and, like a bitter school child, spent her summer in a cast. Edie's cast became the inspiration for a peg legged pirate costume, sure to steal the hearts of the judges and secure her a spot in the retired racing greyhound hall of fame.

*Unfortunately the picnic went longer than planned and we had to leave before the contest took place. So instead, we snapped some photos of Pirate Edie and packed up the costume for next year.

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