Thursday, August 27, 2009

Juice Lady

Photo via Amazon

The other day I came home to find a large box on the porch with my name on it; my boyfriend's graduation gift had arrived. Now that I am the proud owner of my very own Breville Juice Fountain I have been juicing everything I can get my hands on. Apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, carrots: all are instantly liquefied at the blades of the Breville. Today I went for a celery kiwi elixir which tasted fresh, green, and tangy. The neon green color adds to its super-power status, and knowing it is brimming with undiluted nutrients and unpasteurized vitamins makes me feel super-powered too! Never one for coffee, flavorful and fresh juice is my favorite way to kick-start the day or get an afternoon boost. What's your energizing secret?

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