Monday, October 12, 2009

Miniature Pumpkins

Photo from Delish

A couple weeks ago I wrote about ways to celebrate the awesomeness of autumn (check it out here) and I realize now that miniature pumpkins really do belong on the short list. Never mind trying to grow a prize-winning 1,500 pound behemouth of a gourd, mini pumpkins win the cuteness prize every time. But what to do with these petite pumps? Here's a few suggestions. At about $1 a pop, why not try them all?

Photo from Southern Living

Toss a few into your fading window boxes or barren flower beds to liven up the landscape

Bake a teeny, tiny, pumpkin tartelette
*or just eat one
** not necessarily made from your teeny tiny pumpkin

Leave one on your neighbor's doorstep, at your mom's house, for the mail-person...

Make a photo holder by hot gluing a paper clip to the back-side of your mini-pumpkin's stem - slide a photo into the clip and display!

Make a Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece, a la Martha Stewart

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