Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Bowls

Photo via Sur la Table

To pass a little time before yoga tonight I dropped by a cute little consignment shop for some wandering about. I hadn't been ogling the ancient comic books carefully wrapped in plastic sleeves or fingering through strands of 1960's love beads for more than a couple of minutes when I set my sights on two precarious stacks of little glass bowls; one slightly more squat than the other. Having searched every grocery store, Target and Home Goods for these exact items over the last couple weeks, I thought for sure they must be a mirage.

Fortunately for me, the bowls are very real and await, swathed in the oatmeal colored crinkly paper every store keeps on hand for picture frames and candle holders and the like, patiently for their debut. "What do you want these bowls for anyways?" The cashier had asked when I proudly carried my teetering purchase to the register. I deflated a little when I answered her question, admitting the truth to myself for the first time. "They're like the bowls they have on cooking shows, you know when they toss in a pinch of this glamorous ingredient you've never heard of and their cooking looks so effortless? I think that if I had those little bowls my cooking would warrant it's own show too." And then in a hurried effort to cover my naivete: "That and I went to a party once where these little bowls with snacks were scattered all over the place - they're perfect for that!". She smiled approvingly at the more pragmatic justification for my purchase.

I'm still pretty positive the bowls, which I now come to learn are called ingredient bowls, will have a disproportionately great impact on my cooking ability. You can purchase your own culinary motivation (what others may inaccurately identify as false hope) at Sur la Table. :)

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