Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Wardrobe Updates

Just because the mercury’s begun to drop doesn’t mean your account balances need to follow suit. It may be tempting to splurge on a new wardrobe to stay warm (and look cool) through the chilly fall and winter months, but you don’t need to run up your credit cards to fashionably brave the frost. With a little creativity and a few modest purchases, you can transition some of your mid-weight wardrobe staples into fresh, winter-worthy pieces.


A warm, charcoal grey cardigan is a great investment that can top any number of ensembles. Fastened over top of a basic collared shirt for work, worn open but wrapped with a belt over a colorful dress, or tossed on over a t-shirt for running errands, this old school sweater gives you endless options. The charcoal hue is more forgiving on paling skin than black, and the color pairs just as well with virtually everything.


Consider stockings and leggings your partners in crime. These leggy layers are key to staying warm and looking sleek. A previously warm-weather-only dress has a new lease on life when layered over a worthy pair of leggings and cute boots. Slip a pair of stockings on under your pants for the worst winter days to stay extra toasty.


Buy a few scarves to incorporate into you all-day wear. You can find these neck nuzzlers in beautiful colors and patterns to top off your favorite outfits. Wrap one loosely around your neck in lieu of a necklace. If you get a chill you can always wrap it around your shoulders instead or put it over your head for a trek outside

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