Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Typing Away

Lazy Sunday: Writing

Today's one of those autumn days when the trees aren't brilliant enough yet to warrant a leaf peeping, the wind's a little too whip-y to permit for outdoor anything, and the rolling clouds are just ominous enough to trigger a contemplative mood. Well break out the notepad and bic, moleskin and fountain, typewriter and ribbon, laptop and high-res, or whatever your recording implement of choice, because it is the perfect day to write. I am two emails into my long list of inscriptions, and there's no stopping me now. Writing is the perfect Sunday activity because it can be so emotionally cathartic. Give it a shot! Whether you opt for a letter, email, journal entry, poem, short story, free write, article, blog post, or more, it's sure to release some pent-up creativity and put you in touch with what's been on your mind.

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