Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday: Incredible Otimism

Lazy Sunday: Optimism
This lazy Sunday I'm decidedly optimistic. Intentionally optimistic. Optimistic without bounds. Sometimes I get stuck thinking (subconsciously) that optimism is not as powerful, as motivational, an outlook as other perspectives on life. For example, you could think that realism is a better approach to take. With a "realistic" outlook on life, you are less likely to get your hopes up about things which may not transpire. You may adopt a less rosy view of your skills and abilities, and those of others, so as not to overstate the capacity of what we are capable of. You may not dare to dream of all the possibilities that life could bring - so many paths to choose from would be downright mind boggling, and how would you know where to start? If you adopt an attitude of realism, you may be fast to acknowledge all of the challenges and obstacles you are likely to face with every action you undertake, and will therefore be braced to work harder in the uphill battle which even the most simple of tasks can become.

The thing is... with this type of "realistic" outlook, you're not actually gaining anything. Not getting your hopes up? I see it more as not allowing yourself to feel hope. Not overstating what we are capable of? How about not allowing yourself to be pushed and expand and discover what you ARE capable of? Not overwhelming yourself with "unlikely" possibilities? Try never giving yourself the opportunity to explore whichever path in life you decide is best for you. And the bit about being more motivated to work harder because you know the challenges you will face? This sounds a lot like doubting yourself from the start and perhaps creating more difficult circumstances for yourself than those which truly exist.

So today, I'm channeling some incredible optimism and I'm going to let it keep on flowing. Believe in the future, in our abilities, in possibilities, and the knowledge that whatever comes your way you will be able to handle. You have nothing to lose by greeting each new day with a smile, and so much to gain. Sometimes, especially if I'm in a foul mood, I've been known to say "life isn't all rainbows and unicorns". Well, sometimes it is all rainbows and unicorns, and with an optimistic outlook you are well positioned to recognize and enjoy all the brightness, color, love, opportunities, and divine synchronicities that each day brings.

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