Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's New?

Whoa! Pardon the sudden disappearance - I went on a bit of a hiatus from the computer. Emails went without response, my reader account went unread, podcasts went without downloading... it was a nice little break from the digital screen, but I started to miss it. Here's what I did in my time away...

Paid off my last remaining bit of debt (that's right folks, I'm debt free! woohoo!)
Relaxed and indulged in some laziness (and Real Housewives of NYC)
Started reading Eckhart Tolle (very interesting, soul inspiring stuff)
Saw HIM (and killer opener Dommin) at the House of Blues
Made grilled portabello tacos (there's a recipe post to come...)
Got a new Droid phone; I've officially joined the 21st Century
Saw John B at Phoenix Landing
Discovered this cool blog after ogling photos of the blogger's gorgeous farmhouse
Listened to the new She and Him album in its entirety (and you can too! it's free at NPR)

I've been feeling this shift within myself lately, a change of focus, I suppose, without really knowing what the next direction is. Since having paid off the last of my debt I have a new-found interest in saving up and really prioritizing where my paychecks go. I've always considered myself a fairly thrifty person, but even my own spending patterns can be erratic and impulsive (and I don't think I'm alone here). I also have a hard time accepting the idea that you can spend less and still get the same level of quality for what you invest in (yes, Virginia, you do get what you pay for). However, I also know that having a good nest egg and developing habits that leave us feeling empowered by money (not filled with a sense that it controls us, that we cannot be secure without having just a little bit more, or that it defines who we are) are critical to having control over our own financial future and a freedom that can't be taken away.

So I'm embarking on a new path - one where living fabulously and fulfillingly coexist with living on a budget and not fretting away hard earned dinero. It might mean a new look and feel for this site - I hope you're excited! I sure am.

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