Thursday, April 8, 2010

Free Information

Living fabulously means being informed and enlightened about the world around us, and these days you don't need a costly subscription to the evening post to do so. Two of my favorite sources of information and inspiration also happen to be free: the library and free podcasts. If you haven't made it to your local library recently, head on over - it's an incredible source for books, magazines and journals, CDs, DVDs, news, digital media, and more. Even if you live in a small town and think your library falls on the puny side, it is likely to have a partnership with other libraries in your area which means you can request materials from other locations and they'll be delivered to your particular branch at no cost. You can read more about why I think libraries are so great in one of my past posts here.

If you like to get your information in an audio format, podcasts are the way to go. The internet hosts a never-ending supply of regular (or psuedo-regular) audio recordings addressing topics of every kind. Downloading free podcasts to your MP3 player or phone takes just a few seconds, and listening to something interesting is a perfect way to make use of your drive to work, your afternoon walk, or time spent cleaning the house. I like listening to NPR's On Health podcast to stay up to date on the latest health developments, Stop Podcasting Yourself for some comedic relief, and the CNN News Update which comes out with new headline stories every hour. Do you have a favorite podcast you recommend?

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