Sunday, July 3, 2011

Washington, D.C.

Hello friends! Since I last dropped by these parts, my boyfriend and I moved to Washington, DC! I've started working from home full time, begun the job search for a new gig, and even had my first guest visit for a few days. It's been a very busy month since we left Boston, but here's what I've learned in short:

- When you move, unpack the kitchen first. With a functioning kitchen, you can fix meals and snacks and save tons of money by not having to eat out constantly during the week or so it takes to properly unpack everything else. Learn from our mistake; moving your stuff around all day makes you very hungry, and we spent way too much on sub-par sandwiches and salads from random restaurants in our new 'hood. You'll eat much healthier too.

- While everyone looks for something different when choosing a new abode, there's a lot to be said for location. We opted to pay a bit more to live in a spot that puts us just a few blocks from the metro, multiple grocery stores, the farmers market, a darling tea shoppe, a second hand bookstore, a yoga studio... pretty much everything a girl could need, and I couldn't be happier with our new home. I've removed the stress of having to drive from my life and my legs are feeling happy and strong from all the walking, it's a win-win!

- Job searching can be exhausting and trying for even the most patient among us. Tip for the loved ones of job seekers: please refrain from uttering that dreaded question, "Find a job yet?", even in jest. Stick with, "How is the job search going?", and prevent an awkward moment of genuine frustration and annoyance.

- It turns out making bagels from scratch isn't as tricky as one might think. Check out this tasty little basket of goodness my sister-in-law and I hand crafted.

- If you frequently work from your laptop, like I do, investing in a few additional tools can make your workspace much more comfortable and ergonomic. A laptop stand that raises your laptop up to meet your natural gaze will keep your neck comfortable after hours at your desk. I also highly recommend a wireless keyboard (I went for the Logitech solar powered model and have been very happy with it so far) and a wireless mouse to keep your workspace clutter free.

- Speaking of desks, if you're looking for an inexpensive option, check out the Ikea Vika Amon table top with the Vika Lerberg trestle legs. This set-up only cost me $40 and was very easy to assemble, you just have to put together the trestle legs and the table top balances sturdily on top -making it easy to disassemble and move. I do not, however, suggest getting lost in your new city and making it to Ikea a mere 30 minutes before closing time with no idea what you want... but that's another story.

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