Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday: Need to Buy


When I first completed my Christmas shopping, I vowed not to step foot in a retail store for anything but the necessities until the New Year. However, I had forgotten just how cold New England winters can be. My attempts at layering a few long sleeve t-shirts under a trusty cotton cardigan have been futile against the bone-chilling wind and 8 inches of snow-turned-slush this past week. My office window provides not only a view of the whitened landscape but a consistent draft too, and by the time my little car warms up at the end of the day I'm half-way home and shivering. My need for some new sweaters, boots, and, if I'm lucky enough, stylish flannel-lined jeans (okay, that may be an oxymoron), cannot wait until the holidays are behind us. So today, I'm off to see what the retails have in store for me this year. I can only hope fleece jumpsuits and woolen balaclava's are the latest must-have items.

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