Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dog-Off 2012

Today my boyfriend had a craving for a Chicago style hot dog. Since we didn't have veggie dogs in the fridge (and we're not into animal-based dogs made from health-compromising, cancer causing processed meat) we decided to do a vegan-dog taste test! Our dogs of choice? Yves Hot Dogs and Field Roast Frankfurters.

While the dogs started cooking, I got the toppings lined up - mustard, relish, hot peppers, celery salt, onions, tomato, and sauerkraut.

Once they were hot (we used the boiling method for each) it was time to drop those dogs into buns, load 'em up, and chow down. The lack of photos is a testament to how quickly we gobbled them up - but I did nab a couple quick shots before they disappeared.

The results? Delicious. Both veggie dogs were a hit in their own way.

According to the boyfriend, the Yves dog had the more "hot dog-like" consistency of the two brands. It had the more subtle flavor too, which he thought was a good thing as it let the flavors of the toppings really stand out. While I preferred the flavor of the Field Roast dog myself, the Yves brand was tasty and reminded me of a hot dog you'd get at the ball park. I think my boyfriend said it best, "It tastes like a cheap hot dog!". He really did mean it as a good thing.

The Field Roast franks were more flavorful, juicier, and the winning wiener in my book. Their more distinct flavor read "gourmet" to the boyfriend, and I have to agree. Higher in calories and fat, yes, and larger in size than Yves brand. But I like that these dogs have a super simple list of ingredients all of which I could identify, and they happen to be soy free too, a great choice if your soy sensitive or allergic.

So, dog-off 2012 was a success! Two tasty brands of veggie hot dogs were enjoyed and I became a total convert to the Chicago-style dressings. Of course, we have plenty of dogs left over... who's up for chili dogs?!

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