Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Grateful For

I have been feeling so fortunate this week and genuinely excited about so many things that it seems the perfect time to write out a little love list to the galaxy. What about you? Even if it's been a rough week, especially if it's been a rough week, take a minute to voice out a few things that you're grateful for... be it by writing a list in a journal, telling a friend about what's got you grinning, or speaking it aloud on your drive to work. It might seem like a silly activity, but focusing some positive energy on the things that we're content with is a simple way to raise our spirits, lessen our stresses, and remind us that there are good things going on in this wacky world. Here's what's got me buzzing this week...

Discovering the wonder of the food processor (it turns cauliflower into fluffy pillowy heaven!), and making this yummy, healthy, and satisfying raw version of veggie fried rice.

Moving forward with projects at work.

Finding a face wash I can identify every single ingredient in. It's remarkably soft and luscious, and it smells so good I want to eat it (and so natural I could).

45 degree weather melting away the snow from Tuesday.

Venturing to a new yoga studio... that has two free 90 minute classes a week and a $5 community class on Sundays! Anybody who's paid $15 drop-in rate for a 60 minute class knows what a rarity this is.

Planning weekend getaways.

Being inspired by the Olympics, and not just that saddened that I missed my calling as a professional curling player (curler?). I've got men's figure skating on in the backgrounds as I type..

Firing up my trusty Excalibur for some tasty treat making this week.

Guiltlessly slowing down, and spending more time doing the things I really want.

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