Saturday, March 28, 2009

In Limbo

You know that feeling when you’re ready to take on a new challenge but you can’t do it just yet? Feeling like you’re stuck in a life that no longer resembles what you want, but unable to do what it is you’d truly like? How about when you fall asleep each night counting down the days until you’ll finally have the chance to jump into a new project, move into a different place, or take a similar step towards making your dreams a reality?

Welcome to limbo. We say we’re “in limbo” when we’re stuck between a set of circumstances that no longer supports what we want and one which is not yet attainable. While we’re not exactly in the mythical portion of hell whence the term came, for anyone “in limbo” it can feel just as torturous. 

People use the term to describe the way they feel in many different situations, but it’s likely that, in one form or another, we have all been there. Impatiently struggling through day-to-day drudgery when all you can think about is how things will be when the house is sold/ the stars align/you save enough money to start that business/you earn your degree/etc.

While sometimes being “in limbo” can be a great opportunity for reflection and planning, it can also do some major damage to our motivation and wellbeing.

For the past few months I’ve been in limbo. I have been working on undergraduate and graduate degrees in business for the past four years and will enter the workforce in August. I no longer feel like a student, but I’m far from feeling like a true adult either. While I have extensive lists of the projects, feats, and experiences I plan to tackle when I have time and funds and no more homework to think about, I’ve come to a realization. 

No one ever has enough time. No one ever has enough resources. We are all in limbo if we allow ourselves to wait for the timing to be just right to start on that list of desires.

So what are we to do? Well one option is to dwell on our imperfect set of circumstances to the point of paralysis and never begin to pursue the life we want. This choice might look something like staying in a miserable job because you never feel financially secure or prepared enough to start your own venture, or staying in an unsatisfying relationship because you’re waiting for something better to come along first. 

The second option is to fully embrace the resources and abilities we currently have, as imperfect as they may seem, and take action. 

For some time I’ve chosen the first path – thinking I couldn’t possibly pursue my goals of starting my own blog, writing for pleasure, learning to sew, experimenting with design and style, or starting my own business because I simply didn’t have the time, the money, the resources, or the self-confidence. Well the truth is, I never will. So instead, I’m ready to dive in with what I do have.

This blog chronicles my findings and musings as I attempt to rediscover my passions and start becoming the person I always dreamed I’d be.  I’m not waiting for the time to be right any longer.

Welcome to apartment 303.

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